Reported Misconduct Committed By Judge Haiganush R. Bedrosian In Rhode Island

Judge Bedrosian Is Seen By Some As Anti-Father. By Favoring Mothers, The Best Interest Of The Child May Not Be Adequately Considered

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Comments like the following are commonly heard in groups dealing with fairness in Rhode Island Family Court proceedings and Father's Rights Groups:

  • Judge Bedrosian is a very biased and "anti-father".
  • Judge Bedrosian, on pure hearsay, ruled against me.
  • Judge Bedrosian blatantly ignores evidence.
  • With Judge Bedrosian it isn't about the facts, it is about the lawyers that are on her good side.

Caught also received the following:
"I had done a bit of research on Judge Bedrosian and her background confirms her anti-father views. First I questioned other fathers that had cases before her. Second, I questioned the Sheriff who had repeatedly served me with the many frivolous charges filed by my ex's attorney. Everyone stated Judge Bedrosian is anti-father. site."

Courts have begun to become more balanced in divorce proceedings. View "Are Men Treated Fairly In Divorce Cases?"

Yvette Harrell - Are Men Treated Fairly In Divorce Cases? from THELAW.TV on Vimeo.


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