Reported Misconduct Committed By Judge Bourcier In Rhode Island
Reported Misconduct Committed By Justice Johne P. Bourcier In Rhode Island

Judge Bourcier Is Known For Intemperance, Winking At Judicial Misconduct And Protecting The Status Quo In Rhode Island

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Complaint One

How would you feel if you asked a judge to recuse himself in a criminal matter because you had personal experience of this Judge's judicial bias on related issues and he refuses? In Rhode Island your right to an impartial judge is apparently superceded by the Judge's opinion of his impartiality. Read about Judge Bourcier's refusal to recuse himself in the Danny Brown case.

Complaint Two

Traffic Court Judge John Lallo's receives a fine of $28,000 for absenting himself from the bench to gamble at Foxwoods Casino. Justices Goldberg and Bourcier took exception to the Judicial Tenure Commission's decision to penalize Lallo for what they called a "prejudice against gambling".

Complaint Three

The Journal reported on March 23, 2001 ("Ethics panel lawyer practiced illegally, justice contends") that Supreme Court Justice John Bourcier lambasted lawyer Small for "engaging in criminal activity." Moreover, Justice Bourcier declared Small guilty of "engaging in criminal activity" without indictment or trial by a jury. This intemperate declaration of guilt -- without due process -- by a Supreme Court justice was shocking and unprecedented, and rendered by one of the two justices who "objectively" ruled to deny Special Counsel Small the right to practice law in Rhode Island. [See Ethics Commission page for details.] Justices Bourcier and Lederberg never issued an opinion explaining their reasons for denying Mr. Small's motion to represent the Ethics Commission. Rather than explain their decision in a legal opinion, these justices went to the press to declare that Mr. Small had been denied the right to practice law in this state because he had committed the crime of not first obtaining their permission. On June 15, 2001, Supreme Court Justice Robert Flanders issued a dissenting opinion in the matter involving the court's 2-to-1 decision denying Mr. Small the right to practice law in Rhode Island. Yet on June 19, this majority of two, Justices Bourcier and Lederberg, issued an unusual order directing that Justice Flanders's dissenting opinion NOT be published. But Caught has published it!


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