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A list of judicial misconduct
committed by Judge Frank J. Cenerini

Judge Cenerini is one of the members of the Commission on Judicial Tenure and Discipline

Recuse this Judge using a Motion To Recuse if you have good reason to believe that  this Judge will not be fair and impartial.  Also see the page on How To Deal With A Bad Judge.

Complaint One: Projo 11-29-97 - Judge orders man to "get out of town."

Terrence P. Gelinas, a former Woonsocket mayoral candidate and vocal critic of the Woonsocket Police Department at city council meetings was ordered to move out of the state within two weeks by Judge Cenerini.  Judge Cenerini gave this order during hearings regarding a bitter family dispute involving Mr. Gelinas. Caught! is waiting for more details.  It appears Judge Cenerini overstepped his authority by ordering this move.  

Complaint Two: Judge Orders elderly women to jail after losing his temper.

Listen to an actual recording which proves how disrespectful the courts can be to litigants trying to get justice. Read and listen to the Marilyn Sheldon page.

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