Reported Misconduct Committed By Judge Edward Clifton In Rhode Island

Ignoring Prosecutorial Misconduct, Intemperance, Mistreating Pro Se Litigants - It Is All In This Complaint

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Complaint One

Following is the ethics complaint filed by Thomas Livermore, a Pro Se litigant. This complaint involves violations of the following sections of the Code Of Judicial Conduct:

Canon 1, 2A and 2B, 3B1 and B2, 3B4, 3B5(ii) and (iii), 3B6, 3B7, 3B8, 3B8(f), 3B9, 3D1(a) and 3D1(b), 3D2(a) and 3D2(b) and 4G. This complaint also involves violations of the Judges Oath of Office and federal statutes dealing with his legal duty to correct.

1. Judge Clifton refused to hear arguments of wrongdoing which was orchestrated and implemented by the Attorney General's office and Coventry Police involving State v. Libermore [#95-894A]. Note this prosecutorial misconduct occurred during the infamous "get convictions - civil rights be damned" Jeff Pine administration.

2. Prior to the hearing in question which occurred on or about 8-9-96, Judge Clifton leaned over to speak to Att. Paul Sprague, the Defendant lawyer for the town of Coventry asking, "How do you want to handle this guy?", referring to me who was the Pro Se Plaintiff trying to present my proof of perjury and other abuses of discretion regarding the Attorney General's office and the Coventry Police. After getting a response from Att. Sprague, Judge Clifton nodded, started the hearing and acted intemperate, indignant and argumentative towards me. Judge Clifton's behavior during this hearing amounted to practicing Law. The Lawyer for the Town of Coventry barely spoke. Judge Clifton argued the case.

3. Judge Clifton cut me off on several occasions refusing to hear my arguments. Judge Clifton's behavior was directly tied to my mentioning or attempting to show anything about prosecutorial misconduct regarding the Attorney General's office or the abuses by the Coventry Police. Judge Clifton's behavior persisted despite my having documentation to verify my claims which came from the Attorney General's office and the Coventry Police. I was not attempting to argue from "thin air."

4. Judge Clifton became aware of perjury, prosecutorial misconduct and abuse of prosecutorial discretion and refused to address, correct or report these serious problems. Judge Clifton became aware of admitted criminal negligence which resulted in the death of a minor child and refused to address, correct or report this serious problem. Judge Clifton, oblivious to his lack of objectivity, acted as an extension of both the Attorney General's office and the Coventry Police Department. Judge Clifton was made aware that the Attorney General's office and the Coventry Police had seriously mishandled these issues. Judge Clifton was completely ambivalent indicating "who did I think I was to raise such issues." Note: After over 5 years of hell and trying to force a plea out of Mr. Livermore, the entire case was mysteriously dropped. Mr. Livermore found out by reading it in The Providence Journal. See the Thomas Livermore page

Response from Alice B. Gibney, Chairperson dated 5-20-97 states, "Please be advised that the Commission on Judicial Tenure and Discipline has considered your complaint filed against Judge Clifton at its last meeting. The Commission found that the complaint as filed discloses no violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct or Canons of Judicial Ethics and voted unanimously to dismiss the complaint. The Commission has therefore closed its file in this matter.. Also see Judge Silversteins's response to the same issues!

Complaint Two

Did Justice Clifton insure a fair trial for Jorge M. DePina, Gildo Teixeira and Joao Monteiro?


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