Lawyers Disciplined For Misconduct By
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Given The Client Satisfaction Rate Of Many Attorneys,
It Is Clear Attorney Misconduct Is Rampant

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Below you will find a partial list of lawyers who have had some sort of action taken against them by the Rhode Island Supreme Court Disciplinary Board.  The action may be standing or considered closed, resolved, corrected and/or dismissed.  If you would like the details of the actions taken by the Disciplinary Council,  call them for the details.
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Also, view a list of lawyers disciplined in the Fuyat Scandal
Call 401-222-3270 to find out if a Rhode Island lawyer has been disciplined

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Partial List Of Lawyers Disciplined by RISC Disciplinary Council
Abilheria, Louis B.
Acciardo, Gregory J.
Adae, Brian F.
Allen, W. Slater
Allienello, Patrick M.
Almeida, Antonio S.
Almonte, Peter A.
Anger, Glen A.
Baccari, Vincent J.
Bashaw, Michael
Beecher, H. Robert
Berberian, Aram K.
Biafore, John Jr.
Bollengier, Alfred E.
Boriskin, Richard D.
Boyer, Edward K.
Brennan, Robert M.
Brill, Marvin A.
Broussear, Robert R.
Brown, John H.
Bucci, Andrew A.
Bucci, Anthony
Butler, Raymond G.
Butti, Lisa M.
Cagen, Andrew
Canham, John J.
Cassiere, Joseph
Catoni, Raymond J.
Chace, N. Jameson
Chaika, William
Champagne, Philip M.
Charos, Augustus Jr.
Choiniere, Edward F.
Cianci, Vincent A.
Cicilline, John M.
Coaty, Steven J.
Coken, Morton
Cozzolino, Joseph A.
Cole, Jonathen E.
Comolli, George A.
Concemi, Samuel J.
Cooney, Eileen G.
Costello, Richard S.
Curran, Thomas J.
D'Addario, Richard P.
Daley, Richard F.
D'Ambra, Joseph R.
D'Ambrosio, Damon M.
Day, Edward W. Jr.
Decesaris, Robert J.
Delsesto, Richard R.
Deluca, Ralph C.
Delguidice, Anthony S.
Devane, Michael
Devine, William V.
Dioro, Armando
Dipippo, Robert F.
Donovan, Daniel J.
Farrelly, Thomas F.
Fay, Thomas F.
Filosa, Philip F.
Fiorenzano, Frank J.
Fishbein, J. Ronald #1 & #2
Flynn, John F.
Folcarelli, Giovanni,
Forte, Michael B.
Fornaro, John E.
Fox, Gordon D
Frank, Auther D.
Fuyat, John E.
Gallucci, Joseph E.
Glantz, Ronald H.
Going, Joseph B.
Gold, Andrew R.
Gonnella, Ralph J.
Gordon, Stephen A.
Graham, John E. III
Gregian, Berg
Grimes, Peter O.
Grochowski, Thomas M.
Grogan, Edward
Harrop, R. Daniel
Hazian, Gregory
Hickey, Joseph A. III
Hines, John H. Jr.
Hodge, Bruce
Holland, Jeremiah E.
Horan, Michael F.
Hull, Michael T.
Hunter, Stephen M.
Hutton, Thomas C.
Jackvony, Thomas E.
Jones, Delphis R.
Kamaras, Leonard A.
Kelaghan, Edward J.
Kelly, John J.
Kenny, John V.
Kirshenbaum, Sanford M.
Krause, Harold E.
Kritz, Jerome H.
Lallo, John F.
Landman, Owen B.
Lanni, John J.
Lawrence, Frederick A.
Lenihan, Francis T.
Lennon, John S.
Lepore, Albert J.
Levitt, James D.
Little, Francis E. Jr.
Lynch, John D.
Mackey, Francis X.
Macksoud, Kenneth J.
Macsoud, Kenneth J.

Marderosian, George A.
Maselli, Christopher B.
Mattera, Frank
Mattson, Robert K.
McCarthy, Kevin D.
McDonald, George F.
McDonald, Patrick T.
McDonald, Thomas L.
McEnaney, Edward J.
McGuirl, John P.
McKenna, David
Medberry, David W.
Mosca, Angelo A. III
Mosco, Michael A.
Muka, Betty O.
Mullaney, Thomas C.
Mullen, James J.
Munson, Allegra E.
Natal, Robert D.
Nero, Pat
Newman, Edward H.

Nugent, J. Joseph Jr.
O'Donnell, William K.
Pearlman, Thomas W.
Pellizzari, John F.
Pennacchia, Anthony F.
Peotrowski, William J. Jr.
Pezzullo, Janet M.
Piccirilli, Vincent J.
Pitassi, Robert A.
Pouliot, Gerald J.
Press, Marc B.
Regan, Geoffrey A.
Resmini, Ronald J.
Ricci, Dennis H.
Romano, Joseph, Jr.
Romano, Salvatore L. Jr.
Rosen, Phillip S.
Ross, Roger
Salk, Burton
Sarault, Brian J.
Sarault, Stephen A.
Schiff, Ina P.
Scavitti, Pasquale A.
Scoliard, Sheldon R.
Scungio, John A.
Seplocha, Joni
Shea, Kenneth J.
Sheehan, John T., Jr.
Sheehan, Stafford
Sherlock, John F. Jr.
Silva, Daniel J.
Silva, Robert M.
Simmons, Robert L.
Sinesi, Don G.
Smith, Benjamin A.
Smith, Z. Hershel
Souls, James M.
Sparrow, Victor H., III
Spector, David L.
Spungin, Nathan
St. Onge, Edward
Stone, Sumner D.
Surdut, Raymond J.
Tallo, Richard C.
Testa, Robert
Toscano, John P.
Traudt, Terrence P.
Turo, Eugene F.
Veiga, Aurendina
Walsh, Stephen R.
Watt, Albert B.
Watt, Robert D.
Webster, John B.
Wheeler, Perry D.
Wyzansky, Benjamin
Zarlenga, Benedetto L.
Zoglio, Arnold


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