Reported Misconduct Committed By Judge Ronald Gagnon In Rhode Island

Judge Ronald Gagnon Viewed Citizens Exercising Their Constitutional Rights As Harassers And Enemies Of The System.

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This page involved 2 cases that, for the most part, had issues and hearings that were linked together. Mobile Home Owners Rights v Mobile Village and Garganta v. Mobile Village.

Complaint One

On 3-10-2000 in hearings on these matters, Judge Gagnon told Richard Garganta in open court with witnesses present, "There are only 3 people in my life that aggravate me and you're one of them. He then followed with other remarks one being, "You are aggravating the system and you will pay the price for that." Note these comments were said after the hearing was over which prevented Judge Gagnon's threat from being part of the record.

Judge Ronald Gagnon also told Richard Garganta, "I don't know if you're telling the truth even if you take the oath". Judge Ronald Gagnon said this without having one single example of Mr. Garganta ever having lied during proceedings or pleadings.

Mr. Garganta's arguments were always concise, legally sound and on point. This appeared to aggravate Judge Gagnon. Judge Ronald Gagnon kept interrupting Mr. Garganta's arguments and would not let him finish. At one point he started to rule WHILE Mr. Garganta was presenting his arguments. In this matter:

  • The town of Exeter was brought in and verified our issues. This aggravated Judge Gagnon even more. Despite this, Judge Gagnon steadfastly refused and never did order the offending Rhode Island mobile home park [Mobile Village in Exeter] to comply with fire code violations despite knowledge of the violation and verification from the town of Exeter that they existed. This would have ended the matter but Judge Gagnon CLEARLY did not want average Citizens exercising that much power over a high paid lawyer who he met, conversed with daily and probably even socialized with. These are not statements based on speculations but OBSERVATION and comments made by Attorney Peter Olsen and Judge Gagnon in our presence.
  • Judge Gagnon created a "semi-civil process" where litigants go through the motions without a chance of being effectively heard or getting any meaningful results and 'hearings' would be off the record.
  • On one occasion we insisted on a court record due to the prolific lies constantly being told by Attorney Peter Olsen. Judge Gagnon became angry, called the stenographer in and later that day we saw the entire record in the trash in his office where he insisted all meetings be held.
  • During this time an inspection by the town of Exeter found even more violations than we had complained about. Judge Gagnon still would not respond to our motions to order Mobile Village to be in compliance.
  • This case had originally been assigned to Judge Judith Savage and progress was being made. Suddenly before a proceeding we were called into chambers and Judge Savage told us the case was being transferred to Judge Gagnon. She admitted being baffled by this but said she had to follow orders. It is important to note that the hearing before we were transferred to Judge Gagnon, Judge Judith Savage held up the paper of code violations and said to Attorney Peter Olsen, "I want to see these things addressed by your client."

The monumental and exhaustive obstacle course Citizens experienced in this case trying to get Judge Gagnon to enforce the law was beyond ridiculous. The more we held our ground to get the code violations dealt with the madder Judge Gagnon got and the more absurd the hearings became.

Complaint two

In an earlier hearing regarding the above matter, Mr. Garganta had a volunteer attorney handling the matter. The attorney was told by an angry Judge Gagnon as soon as the attorney walked in the door, "Your client [Garganta] has been harassing Mobile Village for the last five years and it is time it ended." Mr. Garganta was the spokesperson for the duly recognized tenant's association. The overwhelming majority of dealings he had with Mobile Village were tenant association related and are listed below. Therefore, the "harassment" as defined by Judge Gagnon consisted of:

  • the tenant's association fighting for and finally getting street lighting in Mobile Village that was supposed to be in place for over a decade
  • the tenant's association fighting for and finally getting a sign outside of the park so it could be located by emergency vehicles. This sign was also supposed to be in place for over a decade.
  • the tenant's association fighting for and finally getting proper street names/numbering so emergency vehicles could find homes. This was supposed to be done several years prior
  • the tenant's association fighting for and continuing to fight for correction of fire code violations that as of 1-31-2003 remain uncorrected. The Exeter fire codes have been ignored for almost 20 years
  • the tenant's association also had to fight several times regarding periodic septic system problems
  • Mr. Garganta fighting his retaliatory eviction that was fraudulently brought, fraudulently heard and fraudulently executed. This resulted due to Mr. Garganta taking action to have a serious and dangerous electric pole problem fixed.

Clearly, Judge Gagnon saw Citizens exercising their right of redress as enemies of the state, harassers and people needing to be discouraged and/or silenced.


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