Reported Misconduct Commited By Judge Maureen McKenna Goldberg In Rhode Island
Reported Misconduct Commited By Judge Maureen McKenna Goldberg In Rhode Island

A Member Of The Rhode Island Supreme Court

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Knowing RI Law = Doing Things The RI Way

To appease the public's growing unease about the judiciary, a fairer and "unbiased" selection system was introduced. Unfortunately, this fell victim as well to insider politics. When a selection committee chose Margaret Curran to fill a seat on the Rhode Island Supreme Court, a candidate whose qualifications came from the highest level of service in the U.S. attorney's office and with a list of recommendations that included some of the most respected attorneys and officeholders, including Governor Almond, she was summarily rejected because a majority of the Senate Judiciary Committee felt she "did not know Rhode Island law." Instead, with evident relief, they hurriedly confirmed Maureen McKenna Goldberg, who on more than one occasion had demonstrated her knowledge of "Rhode Island law." See the following examples:

From a letter to the Providence Journal from Stephanie Rivera, a member of Operation Clean Government.

  • Judge Goldberg expunged the records of two men convicted of sexual molestation, one of whom was later found to be working in the Chariho school system.
  • Judge Goldberg also expunged the record of the son of former state auditor Anthony Piccirilli, allowing him to continue on the state payroll by transferring to the attorney general's office.
  • If it wasn't for Judge Goldberg, former state court administrator Matthew Smith might have lost his pension. Judge Goldberg dismissed felony charges against Matthew Smith rather than let a jury decide the charges.
Note: The Rhode Island Supreme Court is quick to point out how legally correct the above decisions were citing the "letter of the law." However, anyone following Rhode Island courts closely will see a "gymnastic style" bouncing from a "spirit of the law" standard to a "letter of the law" standard depending on which case is before them. A close observation of Rhode Island courts will also reveal the court's tendency of changing the issues ruled upon whenever an unpopular or "status quo damaging" ruling is before them. For an example, see the Edwards Complaint. listed the above complaints because of the inconsistency of Rhode Island court rulings.

Black Is White Legal Reasoning

Paul Romano collected more than $384,100 in retirement benefits unlawfully. Justice Goldberg argued that it was only fair that Romano keep the pension money he was paid because he got the money in good faith.

Black Is White Legal Reasoning Continues

Traffic Court Judge John Lallo's receives fine of $28, 000 for absenting himself from the bench to gamble at Foxwoods Casino. Justices Goldberg and Bourcier took exception to the Judicial Tenure Commission's decision to penalize Lallo for what they called a prejudice against gambling.

Burger King Isn't The Only Place You Can "Have It Your Way"

Stephanie Rivera in editorials in the Providence Journal justifiably asserts that relatives of Justice Goldberg [Lawrence and Robert Goldberg] have been aided by their contacts throughout state government by, in part, what seems to be a dominant influence of Justice Goldberg. Also read page by Peter Phipps.

The Danger Of Arrogance Coupled With Conviction

Justice Goldberg said regarding the Jeffrey Scott Hornoff appeal that, "the defense witnesses had been wholly incongruous and self-serving and had led the jury - properly - to convict. Some time later, the real killer confessed and Hornoff was released.


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