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Judicial Misconduct Committed By Judge Jeremiah Jeremiah, Jr. In Rhode Island Courts

Fears Of Retaliation And Back Room Dealings Are Common Complaints Against Judge Jeremiah Jeremiah

Recuse this Judge using a Motion To Recuse if you have good reason to believe that  this Judge will not be fair and impartial.  Also see the page on How To Deal With A Bad Judge.

Judge JeremiahNote:  The consistent complaints are that he favors one side over another and one attorney over another.  The people has heard from are fearful to report the abuses for fear their children or parental rights will be affected by an act of revenge by the court.  They state the abuses they have experienced justifies their fears.  Litigants assert back room dealings are the norm and facts are irrelevant.  It appears nothing can destroy one's faith in our legal system faster than to have a case heard in Rhode Island Family Court.  Many lawyers and litigants have stated that in family court, it is ALL about the lawyer you have, NOT the facts of the case.

Complaint 1:

Since no one can absolutely testify to the inner workings of someone's else's mind, it appears the only way one can be found guilty of ethics violations in Rhode Island is if the guilty party is willing to admit they knowingly and willfully committed a wrong.  In response to the Donna Parris complaint, Judge Jeremiah decided to to say, "Oops!" 

Complaint 2

Is there objectivity and fairness involving cases coming before Judge Jeremiah in Family Court proceedings?  Read this all too common complaint from aggrieved father James Lang.

Complaint 3

The ACLU intervenes after Judge Jeremiah decides, without a hearing, to lock up a 14 year old girl at the Training School for 3 days. 

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