Reported Misconduct Committed By Rhode Island Judges
Reported Misconduct Committed By Rhode Island Judges

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"I can state with certainty that if you go against the status quo in Rhode Island and point out wrongdoing of the judiciary they will ruin your legal practice and make it impossible for you to win a case." --Quoted by a well known lawyer.

"I went into marriage mediation because I could not count on the Rhode Island Judges following the law when I went into court." -- spoken by another Rhode Island lawyer

"Judges don't follow the law in Rhode Island every day...frankly it isn't news." -- Answer given by a Providence Journal reporter to an aggrieved Citizen trying to get publicity for judicial misconduct.

"Hearings in this state are a crap shoot" -- Common statement from Rhode Island lawyers

Read Rhode Island Judges Clifton and Silverstein reacting to prosecutorial misconduct

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The Rules Of Judicial Conduct

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Misconduct of Rhode Island Judges

1St. US Circuit Court Of Appeals

The Appeals Court in General

Misconduct of Rhode Island Judges

United States Dist. Court Of Rhode Island

US Dist. Court In General
Senior Dist. Judge Raymond J. Pettine
Senior Dist. Judge Francis J. Boyle
CH Dist. Judge Ronald R. Lagueux
Circuit Judge Bruce M. Selya
Dist. Judge Mary M. Lisi
Dist. Judge Ernest C. Torres
M.J. Timothy M. Boudewyns
M.J. Robert W. Lovegreen
Retired M.J. Jacob Hagopian

Misconduct of Rhode Island Judges

Rhode Island Supreme Court

Rhode Island Supreme Court In General
CH Just. Frank J. Williams
Assoc Just. Victoria Lederberg
Assoc Just. Johne P. Bourcier
Assoc Just. Robert G. Flanders
Assoc Just. Maureen McKenna Goldberg
Retired Just. Donald F. Shea
Retired CH Just. Joseph R. Weisberger
Retired Just. Florence K. Murray
CH Just. Thomas Fay
CH Just. Joseph Bevilacqua

Misconduct of Rhode Island Judges

Rhode Island Superior Court

Presiding Just. Joseph F. Rodgers, Jr.
Assoc Just. Thomas H. Needham
Assoc Just. Dominic F. Cresto
Assoc Just. Alice Bridget Gibney
Assoc Just. Richard J. Israel
Assoc Just. Robert D. Krause
Assoc Just. Melanie Wilk Thunberg
Assoc Just. Vincent A. Ragosta
Assoc Just. John F. Sheehan
Assoc Just. Ronald R. Gagnon
Assoc Just. Famiglietti
Assoc Just. Henry Gemma, Jr.
Assoc Just. Mark A. Pfeiffer
Assoc Just. Patricia A. Hurst
Assoc Just. Francis J. Darigan, Jr.
Assoc Just. Judith Colenback Savage
Assoc Just. Michael A. Silverstein
Assoc Just. Stephen J. Fortunato, Jr.
Assoc Just. Edward C. Clifton
Assoc Just. Netti C. Vogel
Assoc Just. Frank J. Williams
Assoc Just. William A. Dimitri, Jr.
Assoc Just. O. Rogeriee Thompson
Assoc Just. Susan E. McGuirl
Assoc Just. Gilbert V. Indeglia
Just. Antonio Almeida
Just. Corrine P. Grande

Misconduct of Rhode Island Judges

Rhode Island Family Court

CH Judge Jeremiah S. Jeremiah, Jr.
Assoc Just. Haiganush R. Bedrosian
Assoc Just. Pamela M. Macktaz
Assoc Just. Raymond E. Shawcross
Assoc Just. Michael B. Forte
Assoc Just. Kathleen A. Voccola
Assoc Just. Paul A. Suttell
Assoc Just. Peter Palombo, Jr.
Assoc Just. Howard I. Lipsey
Assoc Just. John A. Mutter
Assoc Just. Gilbert T. Rocha
Assoc Just. Francis J. Murray, Jr.
Just. John Fuyat

Misconduct of Rhode Island Judges

Rhode Island Dist. Court

CH Just. Albert E. DeRobbio
Assoc Judge John J. Cappelli
Assoc Judge Michael A. Higgins
Assoc Judge Robert K. Pirraglia
Assoc Judge Patricia D. Moore
Assoc Judge Gilbert V. Indeglia
Assoc Judge Stephen P. Erikson
Assoc Judge Robert J. Rahill
Assoc Judge Walter Gorman
Assoc Judge John M. McLoughlin
Assoc Judge Frank J. Cenerini
Assoc Judge Elaine T. Bucci

Misconduct of Rhode Island Judges

Rhode Island Worker's Compensation Court

CH Judge Robert F. Arrigan
Assoc Judge William G. Gilroy
Assoc Judge John Rotondi, Jr.
Assoc Judge Andrew E. McConnell
Assoc Judge Carmine A. Rao
Assoc Judge Constnace L. Messore
Assoc Judge George E. Healy
Assoc Judge Debra L. Olsson
Assoc Judge Bruce Q. Morin
Assoc Judge Janette A. Bertness

Misconduct of Rhode Island Judges

Rhode Island Administrative Adjudication Court

CH Judge Vincent Pallozzi
Assoc Judge John F. Lallo
Assoc Judge Marjorie R. Yashar
Assoc Judge Benedetto A. Cerilli
Assoc Judge Lillian M. Almedia
Assoc Judge Albert R. Ciullo
Assoc Judge Edward C. Parker
Magistrate Aurendina Veiga

Misconduct of Rhode Island Judges

Municipal & Other Court Judges

Judge Joseph A. Montalbano
Judge Arthur N. Votolato

Misconduct of Rhode Island Judges

Bankruptcy Court Judges

Judge Arthur N. Votolato


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