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Judicial And Legal Misconduct And Ethics And Civil Rights Violations Committed By Judge Ronald R. Lagueux In Rhode Island Courts

Recuse this Judge using a Motion To Recuse if you have good reason to believe that  this Judge will not be fair and impartial.  Also see the page on How To Deal With A Bad Judge.

Complaint One

See how Judge Lagueux backs up another judge regardless of the wrongdoing that took place.  This kind of rubberstamping is rampant in our courts and the terms "review", "de novo hearing" and "appeal" are becoming meaningless.  Was Judge Lagueux objective, fair and impartial while ruling in the matter of Ronald L'Heureux?

Complaint Two

Aldrian Diaz asserted during his trial that Judge Lagueux's son, a state trooper,   was charged with stealing vintage submachine guns from state police headquarters in 1993.  A statewide grand jury declined to indict Trooper Gregory C. Lagueux and he is still with the state police.  Judge Lagueux shouted at Diaz telling him to "shut up."

Complaint Three

In a sentencing hearing for a Plunder Dome defendant last year [2000], Judge Lagueux said from the bench that, "Cianci ran the most corrupt administration in state history."  The problem was he wasn't sentencing Cianci and was aware the Plunder Dome hearings would continue.  Later, due to his remarks, he had to recuse himself from the case.

Complaint Four

Out-of-state celebrity lawyers have a history of trouble in Rhode Island courts, especially when they don't follow traditional Rhode Island court shenenigans.  The most notorious case being that of Alan M. Dershowitz, who in 1985 defended Claus Von Bulow against charges that he tried to murder his wife. Dershowitz's book about that trial, Reversal of Fortune, said Rhode Island courts were riddled with influence-peddling and cronyism.   U.S. District Judge Ronald R. Lagueux, then a Superior Court judge, was so offended he barred Dershowitz from his court -- a statement for which Lagueux was censured by a regional Judicial Council.

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