Attorney Jeffrey Pine
Reported Misconduct Committed By Rhode Island Attorney General Jeffrey Pine

Attorney General Jeffrey Pine Left A Legacy Of Prosecutorial Misconduct In His Wake

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Complaint One

See complaint filed by Citizen Thomas Livermore regarding attorney misconduct and abuse of prosecutorial discretion by the attorney general's office.  Jeff Pine had direct knowledge of all attorney misconduct in the Livermore matter because Mr. Livermore notified Jeff Pine repeatedly regarding the abuses through witnessed calls, letters and faxes. Jeff Pine ignored all communications and did nothing to correct the wrongdoing.

Prosecutorial misconduct in Rhode IslandComplaint Two

See details of several civil rights suits filed against Jeffrey Pine due to the outrageous and illegal conduct of his infamous Narcotics Strike Force and Jeffrey Pine's knowledge and condoning of said outrageous and illegal conduct.

Complaint Three

See details of abuse of prosecutorial discretion and prosecutorial misconduct in the DiPrete case.  This case will give you a good inside view of how prosecutors act when abusing their power.

Complaint Four

Here is another example of prosecutorial misconduct and the State's sanctioning of it.  Read how the case against Ronald L'Heureux was handled and the impossibility, thus far, of getting prosecutorial misconduct properly addressed. 

Complaint Five:

Former Governor Bruce Sundlun of Rhode Island said, "The state Witness Protection Act, as enacted in 1990, triggered protection for non-criminal witnesses if a law enforcement official determined that the witness required custodial protection and/or relocation because of a threat to the safety of that witness or their families.  Unfortunately, after enactment of the act, Attorney General Pine's administration failed to write the rules and regulations for witness protection required under the act."

Complaint Six:

Prosecutorial Misconduct, dirty dealings and more is asserted in the Barry Dowell case.


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