Reported Misconduct Committed By Attorney Nina Savage In Rhode Island
Reported Misconduct Committed By Attorney Nina Savage In Rhode Island

Attorney Nina Savage Was Not Qualified To Be Hearing Officer For The Rhode Island Department Of Business Regulation

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Attorney Nina Savage Shows Incompetence During Hearings

Attorney Savage was an attorney but acting as hearings officer for the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation dealing with Mobile Home park issues. During proceedings involving Mobile Village and Richard Garganta, Attorney Nina Savage's hearing officer skills were extremely deficient. She cared nothing about the facts, lacked any degree of impartiality and didn't even have the legal sense to hide her partiality and bias. Mr. Garganta would strongly suggest that anyone coming before "hearing officer" Attorney Nina Savage to request another hearing officer or move to a different forum or venue.

Officials from Operation Clean Government attended a good portion of these hearings and expressed shock at the actions of hearing office Attorney Nina Savage.


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