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Reported Judicial Misconduct Committed By Judge Michael Silverstein In Rhode Island Courts

Judge Silverstein Ignores Prosecutorial Misconduct And Protects The Status Quo In These Complaints

Recuse this Judge using a Motion To Recuse if you have good reason to believe that  this Judge will not be fair and impartial.  Also see the page on How To Deal With A Bad Judge.

Complaint One:  Following is a complaint filed by Thomas Livermore, a Pro Se litigant.   This complaint  involves violations of the Judges Oath of Office and federal statutes dealing with his legal duty to correct in the case of  State v. Libermore [#95-894A]

During proceedings in the Livermore case, Judge Silverstein became aware of perjury, prosecutorial misconduct and abuse of prosecutorial discretion and refused to address, correct or report these serious problems.   Judge Silverstein  also became aware of admitted criminal negligence which resulted in the death of a minor child and refused to address, correct or report this serious problem.  Judge Silverstein rubber stamped the wrongdoing of both the Attorney General's office and the Coventry Police Department.    Judge Silverstein's response to  my raising these issues was, "Well, I don't think I can do anything about that."
Caught Note: Although this complaint wasn't filed with the Commission on Judicial Tenure and Discipline,  see the way Judge Clifton and the commission responded to these same issues!

Complaint Two:  There has been a concerted effort on the part of the most powerful leaders in the State House and the courts to cut off the Ethics Commission at the knees.  Judge Silverstein cut the Ethics Commission out of the loop entirely by having the court take over the processing of an ethics complaint against Secretary of State Edward Inman.  The complaint revolved around the Secretary of State's appointment.

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