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Reported Judicial Misconduct Committed By Judge Netti Vogel in Rhode Island Courts

Lawyers have stated to that if Judge Vogel gets irritated, her objectivity and sense of justice goes right out the window

Recuse this Judge using a Motion To Recuse if you have good reason to believe that  this Judge will not be fair and impartial. Also see the page on How To Deal With A Bad Judge.

A noted RI Attorney gave this quote said by Judge Vogel during hearings:
"You don't understand, the facts don't matter."

Complaint One:  Judge Vogel bans pro se litigant Gladys Cok from self representation, demands she pay fines and hire attorneys prior to being able to represent herself again and orders cases dismissed with prejudice if lawyers aren't hired irregardless of the injustice that results or whether the litigant is able to afford representation.

Complaint Two:   In keeping with Judge Vogel's "the facts don't matter" mentality, the Supreme Court threw out the murder conviction of Troy Lassiter citing improper testimony.  Judge Vogel still would not grant bail for Mr. Lassiter while he awaited a new trial.  This conviction has to be one of the shakiest in Rhode Island history - see the related Derick Hazard page.  Despite this, Judge Vogel still wouldn't give Lassiter the courtesy of bail.

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