The Warren, Rhode Island Amon Jamiel Murder Case
Who shot Amon Jamiel?

The murder weapon has never been found, and grand juries have twice investigated the 1978 slaying -- to no avail. What went wrong?
For starters, an unsecured crime scene and tainted Grand Jury proceedings.

First, the story, then assertions by John Jamiel

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Amon JamielAmon Jamiel was in the shower, blind without his glasses and vulnerable without his clothes. He probably saw or heard the killer or killers entering the bathroom. It is unknown by everyone but the killer or killers if any conversation between Amon and the killer or killers revealed their identity(s) to Amon. All that is known for sure is Amon received 10 gunshots to his temple and abdomen. Given his eyesight, he probably didn't see the faces of the killer or killers clearly. The Amon Jamiel murder case has never been solved. The murder weapon has never been found, and it remains the sticking point that has hampered investigations again and again.
Amon's Warren, Rhode Island business thrived for years. However, in the late 1970's some trouble began. He noticed that his daily purchase receipts and deposits consistently weren't matching up. Then, in January 1978, more than $4,000 was stolen from a hiding place in the store. Two months later, on March 13, 1978, the General Supply Co. was destroyed by a fire that the police believe was set.

Amon Jamiel vowed to rebuild. Six days later, Amon's wife, Marcelle, and son Jonathan returned to their house at 33 Miller St. from Marcelle's birthday dinner in Newport to find the 60-year-old lying dead in the shower. He had been shot six times in the head and four times in the abdomen. One bullet had just grazed his head. Police believed that the gun was a cheap .32-caliber Harrington-Richardson revolver taken from Jamiel's store.

An investigation followed, but the weapon wasn't found, and the crime scene was examined by the police but not fully secured. A 1979 grand jury investigation found insufficient evidence, and the case was closed.

The investigation was reopened by Police Chief Emilio Squillante at the end of 1984, and eight years later a suspect was identified: Jonathan Jamiel, the youngest of Amon's three sons. Note: it is stated above that Jonathan was at a birthday party in Newport.

A grand jury investigated Jonathan Jamiel in 1986, after Atty. Gen. Arlene Violet filed a subpoena in Superior Court identifying him as a suspect in his father's murder. The subpoena requested Jonathan's personal bank records, and included testimony from an acquaintance who told the police that Jonathan wore expensive clothes and jewelry, ate at fine restaurants in Boston, and said that he would be "coming into a lot of money in the near future."

The grand jury proceedings were tainted, however, when a Superior Court clerk inadvertently released the subpoena to a Journal reporter, and the focus shifted toward the breach of secrecy of grand jury proceedings and away from the murder. Ultimately, the grand jury declined to return an indictment, citing lack of evidence.

No additional suspects were named, and the case never appeared in court again. Disputes in the Jamiel family also involved Jonathan and Mark with each accusing the other of various things.

Achilli, of the Warren police, said that despite a lack of new evidence, the investigation continues. " We're not excluding anybody as a suspect," he said. Anyone with information about the Jamiel murder may contact the Warren Police Department at 245-1311.

Assertions Made By John Jamiel

John Jamiel has no reservations about naming who he believes is the killer. However, publishes misconduct of judges, lawyers and prosecutors. Therefore, the person John asserts is the killer will be listed as an 'unnamed family member'.

Marcelle Jamiel
In Memorial:  Marcelle Jamiel
passed away on 6-9-08

  • UPDATE - In a letter John Jamiel asserts Detectives familiar with the case have all come to the conclusion as to who the killer is. Attorneys familiar and involved with the case believe suspected individuals should, as a matter of law, be arrested.
  • John JamielJohn Jamiel [pictured at right] asserts he and his (now deceased) mother were never allowed to give full and proper testimony at the Grand Jury proceeding. John asserts he and his mother were wrongly instructed by their lawyer at the time to plead the fifth. Neither John or his mother have been able to get the situation corrected despite countless attempts to do so. John asserts he and his mother were deprived of their rights and want the truth to come out.
  • As so often happens in cases that receive a lot of media attention, John Jamiel asserts there has been an inordinate and unnecessary amount of attention incorrectly focused on him as a suspect.
  • It is a well known fact that the crime scene was not properly secured by the Warren Police and Grand Jury proceedings were tainted.
  • John Jamiel asserts on March 13, 1978 an unnamed family member and an unnamed employee hid in the basement of the hardware store. John asserts this was observed by him and the murder victim, Amon Jamiel. He also asserts on the same night the unnamed family member came into the house reeking of gasoline.
  • John asserts this unnamed family member had a history of parental physical abuse directed towards Amon Jamiel.
  • John asserts on March 19, this unnamed family member threatened Amon Jamiel with his gun. On the same day John asserts this unnamed family member told Amon Jamiel he had evidence related to the fire and, in response, Amon told his wife and John to visit relatives in Newport.
  • John asserts the unnamed family member met with Amon Jamiel at the house while they were out. He also asserts the Warren police saw the unnamed family member speeding towards Connecticut that night and the unnamed family member burned his deceased father's clothes in the yard that night.
  • John asserts that on July 19, 2006, the unnamed family member told him and his mother that he killed Amon Jamiel
  • John asserts that the Warren Police mishandling the evidence and the case combined with the botched Grand Jury proceedings has resulted in the system trying more to protect itself than solve the murder of his Father, Amon Jamiel.


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