Pro Se, Sui Juris, In Propia Persona
and Pro Per Information

Pro Se is defined as someone that is representing themselves
in court or other legal proceedings.

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  • We are NOT lawyers. Nothing on this site is legal advice. This site is for information only. While we find the information here interesting, we may not be in agreement with everything.
  • While some hang their hat on whether they use the term Pro Se, Sui Juris, In Propia Persona or Pro Per, the reality is courts view everyone as either represented by legal counsel or Pro Se.
  • Meticulously document injustice during litigation. While some see justice, many times your only victory is the embarrassment, publicity, time spent and costs you are able to inflict on wrongdoers. Don't underestimate the value of this.
  • The old adage is, "He who represents himself has a fool for a client." But, many times, the reality is, "He who is represented is taken for a fool."
  • It will take many crusaders - people defined as stubborn, persistent, even obsessive to change the system now. Why not be one of them? See Pro Se Abilities!
  • Ideally it would be best to have an attorney for any litigation. The problem is attorneys are, for the most part, unaffordable and untrustworthy. Most are so concerned with appeasing the system, other lawyers, their incomes and judges that their willingness to really fight your case is compromised. Remember, if you see 2 lawyers leave court, one lost. Having a lawyer is no guarantee of victory.

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Note: Pro Se Litigants Need To Learn Research & Shepardizing!
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Many times the reason or purpose for events in our life initially escapes us,
but I am certain we can find reason and/or purpose in everything that happens!

It takes a short time to learn to exercise power, but a lifetime to learn how to avoid abusing it.

We are no longer a country of laws, we are a country where laws are "creatively interpreted."

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