Wrongful Conviction Experienced By Joseph S. Krex In Pennsylvania
Wrongful Conviction Experienced By Joseph S. Krex In Pennsylvania

Multifaceted Injustice Is Asserted In This Wrongful Conviction

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Judicial Misconduct Violations Asserted by Joseph S. Krex In All Krex Related Cases

*Court records which show Senior Judge Richard Webb calling Mr. Krex "A menace to society" at his September, 2009 sentencing despite the fact all evidence in this wrongful conviction pointed to his innocence that included two prosecution expert witnesses stating they were inconclusive as to Mr. Krex's guilt and a defense expert witness which was a world renowned forensic handwriting expert and M.D. who conclusively stated Mr. Krex was innocent. Judge Webb allowed lay person tests by the jury vs. the expert witness evidence during deliberation.

*Again, at Mr. Krex's sentencing with press in attendance Judge Webb denied on two occasions a caregiver to speak on behalf of Mr. Krex's fine character and loving care of her husband with the Krex Foundation, Inc. Webb "Flagged her away" while she stood with her hand up. This would have been part of court records and heard by the press prior to Mr. Krex's sentencing.

*Mr. Krex had no prior criminal record yet was sentenced to county prison time of thirty days and where his attorney stated "Something is not right here".

*After calling Mr. Krex "A menace to society" and showed obvious prejudice and bias in the criminal case to the point other attorney's, press and a huge petition list all feel Webb was manipulating the judicial system in this case he has taken on four separate Krex related civil cases namely CV case 08-1200, CV case 09-0650, CV case 10-2427 and CV 07-3344 that all attorney's feel odd that he would not recuse himself after what he said and did in the criminal case. In each of these cases he has denied all motions and objections by Mr. Krex's legal counsel and despite overwhelming evidence in favor of Mr. Krex he has ruled in favor of the opposition each and every time not even allowing Mr. Krex to present supporting evidence, witnesses but derails the case to force Mr. Krex to appeal and spend more legal fees. This is all a part of court records.

*This is a brief overview of each case and the obvious Judge Webb prejudice/bias violating Canon Law # 3 requiring a judge to remain fair and impartial. There are other canon law violations and all have been filed with the Pa. Judicial Board of Conduct for review and investigation.

CV Case # 09-0650: In this case Joe Krex, Denise Rex and the Krex Foundation, Inc. vs. Rachael M. Straub, Sarah A. Straub and Glenn M. Straub where the Straub's after being fired from the Krex Foundation, Inc. for prior criminal history and poor character references took retribution by creating illegal, illicit and defaming websites with invalid ID accounts on both Mr. Krex and the Krex Foundation, Inc. and harassed via internet Krex Foundation associates with fictitious and threatening e-mails where providers have positively identified the Straub's with solid evidence that has caused irreparable physical, emotional and financial damage. Judge Webb has continually ruled in their favor showing pure bias and prejudice despite this overwhelming evidence that has all questioning his rulings.

CV Case # 08-1200: Straub's vs. Joe Krex and the Krex Foundation, Inc. which is a frivolous action claiming they invested monies in the Krex Foundation, Inc. yet can not produce any records showing this point and where Mr. Krex has provided the court with a court certified full accounting of all yet Judge Webb and associates have disregarded all evidence and gave these individuals a judgment despite records showing they already received their monies. This decision was based on bias and prejudice again by Webb and is being appealed to the Superior Court of Pa.

CV Case # 10-2427: In this case Krex Foundation, Inc. Coordinator, Denise C. Rex had a foreclosure judgment ruled against her despite the fact she had a strong case for predatory lending and a reliable refinance plan in place and where Webb took advantage of Ms. Rex's former attorney's malpractice where he failed to notify her of a Writ of Execution and potential sheriff sale and where this attorney failed to pay a $197.00 fee to cover a petition to open/strike judgment and where Webb denied it only because the attorney failed to pay the fee. This resulted in Ms. Rex never being notified of a sheriff sale (no posting of property) and the loss of her home which is also the Krex Foundation, Inc. Pa. office location. This Former Rex Attorney Is Now Being Sued By Ms. Rex With Her New Legal Counsel For Negligence And Legal Malpractice. Webb again showed prejudice and bias in this case.

CV Case # 07-3344: In this case where the new bank holding company attempted to get an order of ejectment vs. Ms. Rex, this was dismissed after Ms. Rex's new legal counsel challenged the judgment and ejectment and this situation is currently being corrected. Again, Webb took on this case that will now be settled before he could show his prejudice/bias and throw Krex Foundation, Inc. Coordinator, Ms. Rex on the street for the holidays.

*All Case Information Can Be Verified Through The Carbon County Courthouse, Pa. Civil Court Docket Information. It Is All Public Information.

Is Senior Judge Richard Webb bias and prejudice vs. Mr. Joseph S. Krex and all Krex Foundation, Inc. related cases? You be the judge while these complaints have been filed with the Pa. Judicial Board of Conduct. This Will Definitely And Eventually Be Taken To The Media To Protest Such Blatant Abuse Of Power By Judge Webb And This Entire County Court System That Needs To Be Investigated As In The Luzerne County Pa. Investigation.

Case # 784CR07

Joseph KrexOn June 11, 2009 a jury convicted Joseph S. Krex (pictured at right) of forgery and intent of theft despite hearing and seeing the following evidence and testimony.  The following is asserted by Joseph Krex and is all asserted to be a part of official court records and transcripts.

  • The alleged victim searched out Mr. Krex and The Krex Foundation, Inc. for assistance in her care giving duties for her husband after reading a huge feature story in the Times News on this private non-profit named after his beloved parent's both of whom died from Alzheimer's disease and were cared for by Mr. Krex and his brother at home where they both died with love and dignity after a 10 year battle.
  • Mr. Krex attempted to financially assist the alleged victim after she complained about day care expenses for her husband. Due to the infancy of the foundation Mr. Krex could only offer her the opportunity to become a honorary board member and take a long shot at best to acquire a line of credit through a Bank of America offer where once a board member she could utilize the corporate account to pay off these day care expenses as a donation from The Krex Foundation, Inc. She liked the idea and agreed to it. This was witnessed.
  • The alleged victim denied requesting financial assistance yet Mr. Krex produced evidence i.e. bills from the day care center he was given by her.
  • The alleged victim denied ever filling out any forms yet through the testimony of a world renowned forensic handwriting expert named Dr. Joseph B. Alexander, M.D. conclusively stated she indeed signed and filled out a board member application that included private information Mr. Krex would not have known i.e. Social Security # etc.
  • Two prosecution expert witnesses namely Pa. State Police forensic handwriting experts both stated they were not conclusive Mr. Krex signed any documents.
  • The defense expert witness namely Dr. Joseph B. Alexander, M.D., a world renowned forensic expert who testified at thousands of trials conclusively stated that after intense tests Mr. Krex did not forge any documents.
  • Three jurors were observed sleeping during testimony.
  • All the jurors claimed never to have known of Mr. Krex or The Krex Foundation, Inc. despite the heavy media coverage of a 300 mile wheelchair pushing event Mr. Krex accomplished that had heavy media coverage i.e. T.V./newspaper along with cyber crime that has been put up over the internet on both Mr. Krex and The Krex Foundation, Inc. for nearly two years.
  • Despite hearing expert testimony from three forensic handwriting experts the presiding judge allowed the jury for whatever reason to perform their own lay person forgery tests (vs) the experts, two who stated they were not positive if Mr. Krex forged anything and one who conclusively stated Mr. Krex did not forge anything.
  • Bank of America personnel stated to Mr. Krex's attorney that the only person responsible for this account if accepted would be Mr. Krex not the alleged victim.
  • Once the alleged victim showed confusion over this transaction Mr. Krex immediately canceled all via e-mail to Bank of America on their home website.
  • The alleged victim is 86 years old and showed extreme confusion during her testimony where all her claims had factual rebuttals by the defense.
  • The alleged victim stated to the foundation coordinator that the police visited her home on several occasions where her late husband complained of abuse by herself.
  • Mr. Krex immediately returned a $50.00 donation from the alleged victim at her request.
  • The alleged victim to this date has still not revoked her honorary board member status with The Krex Foundation, Inc.
  • At the time of this incident Mr. Krex was financially stable having just received a $250,000 pledge for a caregiver respite center.
  • Mr. Krex cooperated fully with the police investigation without his attorney, supplying all requested documentation.
  • The police probable cause for arrest report was filled with mis-information and misstatements where all police interviews were never recorded witnessed or did Mr. Krex or his associates have the opportunity to read it with his attorney before being submitted to the D.A. office. Mr. Krex and Ms. Rex were degraded during the trial concerning a potential relationship where they are only friends to bolster this arrest report.
  • Mr. Krex offered the D.A. office excellent character and professional references. This was never accepted.
  • Mr. Krex offered the D.A. office, judges and arresting officer the opportunity to see a typical care giving day with a tour to meet care givers and their loved ones under Mr. Krex's care. This was never accepted.
  • The D.A. investigated all of Mr. Krex's claims to assist the alleged victim and they were all verified as true i.e. V.A. office etc.
  • The D.A. office subpoenaed a last minute witness to strengthen their case but after she verified Mr. Krex's statements and gave her opinion that Mr. Krex was innocent and did an excellent job caring for her father, she was dismissed and never allowed to give that statement on the stand or be cross examined by Mr. Krex's attorney.
  • The then prosecuting officer is now employed as a D.A. office detective.
  • Several Palmerton supporters have stated they found it interesting that if you "Connect the dots" from top to bottom in this case it leads to a Palmerton connection of individuals involved in this case that have worked together and are acquaintances which would lead to no fair objectivity in this case. THIS IS THE OPINION OF OTHERS.
  • Every single person with experience at that trial felt it was a not guilty verdict including an experienced reporter.
  • Mr. Krex lost $30,000.00 in legal fees on his defense and has lost all credentials with no means for income which has left him judgment proof in that there are no tangible assets left.
  • The Krex Foundation, Inc. is a non profit assisting care givers and their loved ones and is currently in its infancy stage where credentials has been delayed due to this wrongful conviction, cyber-crime committed vs. the foundation and etc.
  • Dr. Joseph B. Alexander, M.D. an expert witness for the defense who is a world renown forensic handwriting expert and has testified at thousands of trials, stated in an e-mail that he was "shocked at the outcome of the verdict" after he conclusively stated Mr. Krex did not forge anything. Dr. Alexander will again be an expert witness at Mr. Krex's appeal or potential retrial.
  • At the September 8, 2009 sentencing the presiding judge refused on two occasions to allow a care giver to speak on Mr. Krex's behalf as to his fine character and work as a care giver for her disabled Army veteran husband which would have been a part of the court records of that day and where the press could have heard an honest reliable citizen speak well for Mr. Krex. Mr. Krex's unfair sentence of thirty days in the county prison and one year probation shocked all including his attorney who never has seen anything like this in his career. Eight other experienced attorneys' have expressed the same sentiments. This is being appealed to a higher court and will not go unnoticed in the future.
  • People associated with Mr. Krex including associates and care givers have been harassed by law enforcement to the point where cease and desist letters were sent to stop this harassment.
  • Despite a detailed portfolio with documentation presented to the County D.A. office showing cyber crime, harassment communications and slander to Mr. Krex and the Krex Foundation by individuals who were identified by providers i.e. tribe.net where false I.D./invalid I.D. account websites were put up on Mr. Krex and the Krex Foundation that could have tarnished the jury trial and where these individuals filed a frivolous civil action vs. Mr. Krex where he and the foundation have a counter suit vs. these individuals no action was taken by the D.A. office?
  • The presiding judge has denied all motions and requests in this case.
  • Many honest citizens of this area and beyond are angered at this wrongful conviction and are currently circulating a large petition that includes high profile individuals in this region who support Mr. Krex having seen his loving care for care givers and their loved ones which included this country's first ever 300 mile wheelchair memory walk in 2006 where he pushed an empty wheelchair from his parent's grave-sites to a foundation office at Lake Oneida, N.Y. to bring awareness to care givers and their loved one.
  • Several wrongful conviction advocacy organizations are researching this case for potential assistance.
  • Due to what many along with ourselves feel were a wrongful conviction beginning with false charges, Mr. Krex and associates have suffered total income loss, adverse P.R., cybercrime etc. that has resulted in two family homes in foreclosure and other financial loss. These situations are currently being corrected.
  • Due to the loss of potential revenue pledges to needy organizations along with compensation for volunteer staff have been delayed but will be fulfilled.
  • The coordinator for the Krex Foundation was harassed by the arresting officer over a tragic personal financial loss due to predatory lending.
  • Many feel that by utilizing our first amendment rights of freedom of speech/expression through this ad and petitions there will most certainly be some manner of retribution.
  • This Case Is Currently On Appeal.
  • Mr. Krex being forced into early retirement continues to volunteer his services to caregivers and their loved ones.


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