Injustice Experience By Leo LaBranche
Injustice Experience By Leo LaBranche

The Case Of Olympic Records, The Gay Olympics Case And The Book 'The Pro Se Litigant - The Olympic Record'

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This story is submitted so that Pro Se litigants and civil rights advocates can see the realities of what, many times, happens when civil rights issues are pursued in our courts. What follows, though seemingly unbelievable, is a condensed version of the facts. The ordeal required 6 years to come to the finale. I, Leo LaBranche, Pro Se litigant, submit the facts as they were experienced and reported.

I am writing a book about my experience. As a service to civil rights advocates everywhere I am going to give you the related portions of my book that deal with the Pro Se litigation. I hope this will help educate you on the possible realities you may have to face in your own cases. The book, The Pro Se Litigant - The Olympic Record, is written as a novel but factually based. See download information at the end of this short summary.

Background History Of The Case Of Olympic Records, The Gay Olympics Case And The Book 'The Pro Se Litigant - The Olympic Record'

Leo LaBrancheIn the 1980's, I, Leo LaBranche pictured at right, owned the music recording company, Olympic Records, in Burbank, California and in 1984 I was known as, LABRANCHE v. USOC. [USOC stands for the United States Olympic Committee] In 1988, our not so Supreme Court handed down an opinion agreeing to the United States Olympic Committee's demand to remove the word Olympic from the public domain in no less than a 50 page opinion in IOC/USOC v SFAA, 107 S. Ct. 2971*; this was sometimes referred to as the Gay Olympics case. This culminated a 99 year effort by the United States Olympic Committee's international parent to foster an amazing arrogance that a country (FR) could foreclose use of a particular word (they did not originate) in many languages across the globe and remove it from use {one country at a time}. In our country this was accomplished by a re-enacted federal law entitled, The Amateur Sports Act of 1978, (§380), signed by president Carter. I ran into it at the Patent & Trademark Office (1983) where I was refused protection for my trade name and mark by this law. Then began my six year saga from 1982 in Burbank, California to the Supreme Court decision in 1988. I necessarily became a registered lobbyist, both personal and later as head of a group, for two years during the court case and the lobby was eventually successful. The National Association of Olympic Businesses, lob.reg. 11271000 was also successful in subverting new legislation destined to become law.

My Supreme Court counsel, Mike H. Gottesman on the Supreme Court decision.
LaBranche: So the olympic committee now has a law superior to anything that has ever existed in the history of our country.
Gottesman: Yes, there is no question, that is exactly what they (S. Ct.) did.
Note: Mr. Gottesman was 13 wins and 1 loss in Supreme Court appearances. Also see related US Code.

The Pro Se Litigant - The Olympic RecordThis decision was applied to my case waiting in the appeals court. My case was never heard. This disappointed more than being beaten by a biased court. The final order said: destroy all infringing items, etc. and desist from using the word olympic for any profit or non-profit purpose. Olympic Records, Inc., closed as well as the lobby group (NAOB). I left California and went to Arizona to live the next 13 years. I lost everything. My goal was not to be a martyr, or worse, to be an example to the detriment of all others similarly situated. I thought the federal court was the only place to be regarding my complaint and believed the Supreme Court would be safer still. Absolutely wrong on both beliefs. Disillusioned I left the field and folded the legal tents as advised. I thank God for Congress and that is where I and the lobby were heard and changes were undoubtedly made. (Congressional Record; our petitions 0274 and 0373). I have no knowledge of what transpired after the court ruling as I relocated to Arizona and buried myself in the sand.

After all these years I find our efforts had the desired effect and most users of the forbidden word in conjunction with themselves, their businesses, their competitions or corporations are free from any such retarded restriction. My 150 lbs of documentation amassed over the period, at no small effort and expense, provide meticulous records and proofs beyond any scrutiny the veracity of any claim made in court, or in publication, and there were constitutional claims as well. The complaint also claimed unfair-competition and I was correct. The evidence record was eight inches thick. I worked 5 days a week for four years under fight or flight circumstances, including two years as registered lobbyist.

What I fought for in courts and in Congress for 6 stressful unpaid years over time came to fruition...but not for me. I believe all others are now free from any restriction and I am left with:

  • an anonymous martyr's plaque
  • three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000) out of pocket losses
  • 20 years of lost opportunities
  • no capital
  • no future and
  • early retirement

The US Treasury allowed me to be Olympic Records, Inc. (NY) as they have every other 'olympic business' who is required by law to sign up and report to the I.R.S.

Everything I studied, learned, and assimilated regarding the federal courts was a huge disappointment. I read and prepared 40 hours a week for six months prior to my first filing. I appeared Pro Se until the appeals court because no attorney would take the case. I had personal and corporate attorneys who were not trial lawyers. I fought on a shoestring, as compared to my opponents, and held them for four years in federal courts requiring a biased and unconstitutional Supreme Court opinion to beat me (in court). It has been 27 years since I started this thing and though on a twenty year hiatus from the events I am still connected to these issues as if yesterday. I guess non-resolution sticks around until my expiration date.

Should someone care to look into this they may find I did a service for my Country and fought long and hard, usually alone, to manifest the law's change or destruction so I could get about my life as the recording company, Olympic Records. Without the trademark registration there could be no further capital investment in the company, no proof of ownership, and no security for anyone. There are several others now using that trade name Olympic Records and so be it.

Here is the first section of my book dealing with the Pro Se litigation. Either open and save it or right click and save it to disk. To get the other sections please email me and I will send them to you in an email attachment using PDF format.

Leo LaBranche


Many times the reason or purpose for events in our life initially escapes us,
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It takes a short time to learn to exercise power, but a lifetime to learn how to avoid abusing it.

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