Injustice Asserted By Leroy Olney In Rhode Island
Injustice Asserted By Leroy Olney In Rhode Island

Leroy Olney Speaks On The Ramifications Of Plea Bargains And Attorney Misconduct

Remember Complaints On Caught.Net Are About Judicial, Attorney And Prosecutorial Misconduct And Civil Rights Violations. They Are Not Necessarily About The Guilt Or Innocence Of The Person Asserting The Complaint

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Complaint One

Mr. Olney was arrested in 1989 for a crime of murder and robbery. Mr. Olney asserts, "I was on such tremendous drugs and alcohol on my 21st birthday and it broke my heart to realize what I had become that night." Mr. Olney also asserts he deserved the death penalty for his actions. This complaint is not about guilt or innocence but attorney misconduct and Civil Rights Violations. Mr. Olney asserts the following in this complaint:

There were 2 co-defendants and Mr. Olney and another was tricked into 2 life sentences [consecutive] on a plea bargain. Mr. Olney asserts he was told he would be out from 15 to 18 years and signed the plea arrangement with that understanding. He was threatened with life without parole one day before trial. One defendant was sentenced to a 15 year to serve sentence even though he aided and abetted the crime of murder. This defendant was used as a coercive tool against Mr. Olney.

Mr. Olney tried post-conviction remedies in 1994 and the lawyer he was court appointed hadn't done any work for 8 years. He released himself from the case without ever notifying the court or Mr. Olney. He was court ordered in 1998 to get active on Mr. Olney's case. In 2001 he told the court he still hadn't done anything on Mr. Olney's case. Mr. Olney put in for another lawyer and after 6 months received another court appointed attorney. This lawyer has a reputation within the ACI for not representing the best interests of his clients and for being a puppet of the state or the court. Mr. Olney feels he is being legally mishandled again after being legally mishandled by the previous court appointed attorney for the past eight years.

Mr. Olney asserts:

  • His plea hearing wasn't done voluntarily with understanding of the true legal ramifications of his actions and
  • His 2 sentences for one crime is excessive sentencing because the plea bargain process is supposed to be for leniency and
  • A co-defendant received undue leniency by the state given his participation in the crime and
  • There was inadequate inquiry by the judge on the transcripts regarding the voluntary acceptance of the plea bargain and
  • The system was heavy handed since the guilty parties confessing solved the case for police and the state.

Mr. Olney is seeking a sentence reduction given the above. Anyone desiring to assist Leroy Olney can write to him at the ACI in Cranston.


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