The Purpose Of Is To Report Systemic Abuses Of Power
The Purpose Of Is To Report Systemic Abuses Of Power

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Jump To Misconduct Listings or Search This Site is a COLLABORATIVE website set up to perpetuate itself. Aggrieved Citizens are the editors. Rhode Island is a primary focus but complaints are submitted from all over the country. While the nature of demands oversight on submissions, is designed to perpetuate itself like a "MySpace" without the site being identified with any group or individuals. The Internet allows to be run from anywhere by anyone. If one server goes down, another one will publish the site. If one manager or editor dies or quits the cause, another Citizen picks it up. Multiple copies of are maintained to avoid crashes, hacks or other contingencies. is not about who is hosting, managing or screening complaints. is about exposing injustice, educating the public and improving our legal system.


This site is about abuse of power in our legal system. It is easy to fall into a "us against them" or "bad guy good guy" mentality when dealing with this issue. Caught would like you, the reader, to understand that you are as susceptible to abusing power as the people listed on this site. Examine yourself for any time in life when you were given power over other people and you will probably find an abuse of that power. [babysitting, parenting, job, military, management positions, school groupies feeling superior to other schoolmates etc.] Abuse of power is best viewed as a weakness of the human race which must always be kept in check. Always be reminding yourself of your own weakness to abuse power. This will help you keep the people listed on this site in perspective. The one most likely to abuse power is the one who thinks they are above doing so.


Caught's purpose is to improve the quality and delivery of our system of justice and expose abuses of power. This can't be accomplished by ignoring abuses of power or with unchecked immunities and secret methods of handling complaints against Judges and members of the bar.

The status quo has left Citizens with a justice system that is not affordable, confusing, hostile and indifferent to the cause of justice. The status quo has left many thinking they are powerless to do anything about an abuse of power they experience. Justice has become a process of back room deals, manipulations and closed door sessions with Citizens being shut out of the process. One of Caught's goal is to have a separate public complaint listed here for every "secret" complaint filed with the Judicial, Disciplinary boards or other relevant agency. Caught will also list complaints that may not fit into the exact criteria of the Judicial, Disciplinary boards or other relevant agency. Caught's purpose includes listing complaints about the disciplinary boards or relevant agencies themselves.

Caught's experience shows the majority of abuses in courts come from lower court rulings where there is no published legal analysis attached to the decisions. Usually the poor, indigents and Pro Se's get steamrolled by these decisions. One of Caught's goals is to identify and expose the techniques used by those abusing power. Learn the "tricks of the trade" by thoroughly and regularly monitoring Caught's site. Anyone with a page on is encouraged to have their page monitored so they can be notified when their page is amended. will not publish any complaints that involve inappropriate name calling, threats, obvious absurdities, or any complaints sounding of vendettas or actions going beyond civil, legal remedies or Constitutional limits.


When Caught receives a complaint the following may occur (as time and resources permit):

  • Caught may attempt various forms of verification of the sender via Email, U.S. mail or phone.
  • Caught may attempt notification of the individual(s) complained about regarding the complaint in the event they wish to respond. This notification may be by letter, fax or phone. Note to all filing complaints - YOU are responsible for notifying all those named in your complaint in the event they wish to respond. It is our experience that responses to complaints are rare.
  • If Caught receives a valid, sensible response to the complaint, Caught will note this conspicuously on the complaint either publishing the response in total, giving the details of the response or telling viewers how to obtain a copy of the response.

Note: Complaints may be sent electronically via email in an internet safe format. Email us first for assistance with this.

Caught will discourage but allow "anonymous" complaints if circumstances warrant. An explanation may be provided in the complaint explaining the reason for allowing anonymity.

Caught requests you make your complaints as concise as possible. Caught suggests it may be better to list more than one complaint with each complaint listing a clearly defined wrong. Don't submit anything unless you have read the instructions page, purpose and disclaimer.

Citizens are encouraged to take rational, appropriate steps to assist other Citizens in having their complaints heard and resolved by helping publicize and to use all other legal means of redress available.


Note: These complaints are NOT a substitute for complaints to the Judicial, Disciplinary boards or relevant agencies involved. These complaints should be a duplicate of complaints filed with the Judicial, Disciplinary boards or relevant agencies unless the complaint does not meet the exact requirements of these boards or agencies. These complaints are in addition to, NOT a substitute for the appeals process or other relevant actions. Caught's purpose is to stimulate Citizen knowledge and action to improve our system of justice and minimize abuses of power. Nothing read on this site should be construed as legal advice. See Caught's disclaimer.

Caught's purpose is not lawyer, judge or Government bashing or to feed off of the large scale public resentment against lawyers, judges and Government. To help you keep what you see on Caught in perspective, remember one gets a listing on Caught by doing something wrong, not by doing something right. Caught's purpose is CONSTRUCTIVE and Caught hopes to help improve both the quality and availability of Justice and to educate the public regarding our legal system and abuses of power wherever they may be..

Removal Of Complaints

Removal of complaints is at the sole discretion of since a great deal of donated time is required to put the complaint up and a great deal of donated time is required to remove a complaint. is a 100% voluntary and time consuming effort. If you are the type of person that is going to be saying, "take my complaint down" one week and "put my complaint back up" the next week, do not file your complaint with Caught. If you are not willing to use your name, wrongdoers names, case numbers etc., dont' waste our time. If a complaining party requests removal of a complaint and Caught sees educational value in the complaint remaining on the list, Caught may take no action, include the removal request with the complaint or consider making the complaint anonymous. Caught reserves the right to refuse, keep or delete a complaint for any reason. Suits or threats of suits will NOT prevent or remove a listing. Listings are furnished by aggrieved Citizens or have been published in some other form of mass media and Court documents are public records. A resolution to a complaint may not result in removal because Citizen's knowledge of complaints and resulting resolutions are necessary and educational for the public. Also, repeated practitioners of legal abuse are kept in check by repeated exposure.

Mass Media, Use Of Information and Funding

Caught may attempt to publish this list in other forms of mass media. Caught does not condone the misuse or abuse of any information on this site. [See Caught's disclaimer] The information on may be freely used at your own risk provided the user mentions as the source and agrees to help spread the word of the existence of this site. All rights are reserved for any information on this site beginning with a copyright notice.

Caught is not funded by any society, organization, charity or philanthropist. is a 100% volunteer effort made possible by the donations of time, money and resources of aggrieved, concerned Citizens who know first hand about legal abuse.

Don't be fooled by caught's size and professional appearance. The reality is it is maintained by poor Citizens unconnected to power structures that are trying their best to make a difference. To give you an idea of the realities of our day to day operations, there have been times we would not have been able to mail letters if it had not been for the donations of stamps sent from inmates in our prisons.

There is contribution information on the bottom of most of's pages. Please help us any way you can.


Many times the reason or purpose for events in our life initially escapes us,
but I am certain we can find reason and/or purpose in everything that happens!

It takes a short time to learn to exercise power, but a lifetime to learn how to avoid abusing it.

We are no longer a country of laws, we are a country where laws are "creatively interpreted."

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