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Fathers For Justice
Avalon Project At Yale
Basic Legal Citation
Bureau Of Justice Statistics
Citizens Justice
Class Action Litigation
DARE [Rhode Island]
Drink Wheel -- Are You Drunk?
Eye Witness Testimony - Reliable?
The Innocence Project Website
Innocence Project Study
Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel
Judicial Watch
Judges As Criminals
Jurors Handbook
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Liberty Library Of Constitutional Classics
Liberty's Educational Advocacy Forum
Officer Down Memorial Pages
Victims Of The State
The Heritage Foundation


Many times the reason or purpose for events in our life initially escapes us,
but I am certain we can find reason and/or purpose in everything that happens!

It takes a short time to learn to exercise power, but a lifetime to learn how to avoid abusing it.

We are no longer a country of laws, we are a country where laws are "creatively interpreted."

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