Injustice Experienced By Dr. Gladys Cok In Rhode Island
Injustice Experienced By Dr. Gladys Cok In Rhode Island

Pro Se Litigant Gladys Cok Is Denied Constitutional Rights

Jump To Misconduct Listings or Search This Site will attempt to explain what happened here:
1. Court derails your case in some form or fashion.
2. Pro se litigant attempts to get the issues back on track.
3. Court continues to resist.
4. Pro se plaintiff begins filing every kind of motion imaginable to get case on track.
5. Court bars Pro se saying they are filing frivolous pleadings or are overly litigious.
Also note in this complaint that MONEY was the court's priority and the permanent dismissal of cases were ordered regardless of the issue or the resulting injustice.

Complaint One

From Case 97-5745 Cok v Read. Judge Vogel who, many say, rules more by emotion than reason, gives a Pro se litigant the following orders [in part from order dated 9-17-99]. This order was appealed to the RI Supreme Court.

1. The Superior Court Order, arising out of the Aug. 25, 99 hearing, is modified as follows:

a. In order to preserve the Court's resources, the plaintiff's access to the RI Superior Court is restricted as follows:

i. Plaintiff is hereby barred from appearing as a plaintiff, Pro Se, in any action in the RI Superior Court for one year.

Well, the Rhode Island Supreme Court disagreed with

ii. At the expiration of one year and after the filing of a motion, through counsel, and hearing thereon, her right to litigate as a plaintiff, Pro Se, in any civil action before this court shall be reinstated, so long as the remaining unpaid $450.00 has been paid to defendant's counsel prior to that date.

iii. This order does not extend to any case in which plaintiff appears as a defendant nor does it extend to any criminal matter.

iv. In the event that the $450.00 unpaid award of attorney's fees has not been paid within one year then the ban on the plaintiff's Pro Se appearances before the Superior Court will be extended for an additional limited period. In such case, plaintiff's right to appear Pro Se in the Superior Court in civil matters, as a plaintiff, will not be reinstated until the counsel fee has been satisfied.

2. Plaintiff is ordered to engage counsel on any pending case in which she appears as a plaintiff, Pro Se, in the RI Superior Court within 30 days from the date of the entry of this order or each such case shall be dismissed, with prejudice. "With Prejudice" means the courts now view WHATEVER issue you raised as a dead issue - never to be raised in court again - regardless of whatever injustice may result.

The RI Supreme Court rejected Judge Vogel's order in this ruling. The courts had tried to restrict Gladys Cok from filing in the past and lost that appeal also.


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