Injustice Experienced By Fred DeWitt In Rhode Island
Injustice Experienced By Fred DeWitt In Rhode Island

Fred DeWitt Experienced A Plethora Of Civil Rights Violations

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Complaint One

Mr. DeWitt asserts the following in this complaint: Mr. DeWitt is presently serving time in Maximum Security for probation violations. Mr. DeWitt asserts that in 1995 he was falsely accused of rape and sodomy by a woman acquaintance. He sat in the Intake Center for well over 30 months while the news made headlines. Also during this time there was a frenzy of false but convincing reports in both print and television alleging Mr. DeWitt had also been convicted of brutally raping and killing an elderly woman who was also a double amputee.

Mr. DeWitt asserts he was ostracized by many family members and friends and spit on and verbally abused by prison personnel. Because of the heavy publicity, Mr. DeWitt asserts several attorneys and court appointed public defenders were reluctant to adequately represent him. Each attorney would at some point request to withdraw from the case because Mr. DeWitt refused to take a plea bargain. The attorneys would argue that Mr. DeWitt was a "difficult client" who refused to accept "sound legal assistance and advice" by taking the plea bargains offered. Mr. DeWitt asserts the Public Defenders were aggressive and intolerant regarding Mr. DeWitt's demand for a trial. The courts also tried to convince Mr. DeWitt to take a plea bargain.

Mr. DeWitt asserts one Attorney Gilbert Walker's misconduct was serious enough for Mr. DeWitt to file a complaint with the Rhode Island Disciplinary Board because Atty. Walker believed the false news reports and would not adequately represent Mr. DeWitt. Mr. DeWitt asserts Atty. Walker never adequately responded to Mr. DeWitt's disciplinary board complaint and instead chose to characterize Mr. DeWitt as a predator and rapist to persuade the board to dismiss the complaint.

While in Intake, Mr. DeWitt received an anonymously sent envelope containing all the results of the examinations performed on the woman who accused him of rape. All of the tests were negative. The envelope had a seal from the Women & Infant's Hospital. There was no rape, no sodomy, no bruises or ripped clothing as complained about by the woman alleging rape. What apparently tipped someone off that something was wrong was a couple of weeks after the alleged incident the woman went back to the hospital seeking an abortion under the pretense that she became pregnant during the rape. She didn't know that the hospital had already discovered that she was pregnant prior to the rape accusation by over six weeks. The hospital had noted that they refused to administer the morning after pill due to pregnancy the same day of the accusations of March 31, 1995.

Mr. DeWitt began proceedings to find out why the false reports of a prior rape conviction were never corrected. Mr. DeWitt attempted to find out who no one ever checked his BCI listing for prior rape charges or convictions. Mr. DeWitt asserts he was never charged with anything in the nature of a sexual crime prior to the false 1995 accusations. The Providence Journal was the only mass media that responded by printing a small retraction in section D on page 4.

Mr. DeWitt discovered that prosecutor Michael Egan knew of and withheld the medical information. Mr. DeWitt also asserts that Prosecutor Egan helped stir up the false media story about the rape of an elderly woman. Mr. DeWitt was advised to send an ethics complaint to the Ethics Commission headed by Martin Healey. Mr. DeWitt asserts Prosecutor Egan was quietly forced to step down due to this complaint and is now in private practice.

In revealing all the above information to Judge Krause, Mr. DeWitt asserts Judge Krause became impervious and indifferent demanding to know how Mr. DeWitt obtained his evidence. During this proceeding Mr. DeWitt received three six month criminal contempt charges due to what transpired during the proceeding. Mr. DeWitt's papers were confiscated and court transcripts were altered regarding the facts of that day.

The very next day, Mr. DeWitt was released from the Intake Center. Mr. DeWitt assumed it was due to the information he had presented the day before before Judge Krause. It turns out Mr. DeWitt was released due to a "paper work error" at the ACI and he was walking the streets not knowing that a statewide manhunt was in progress for him. Also, despite receiving notice to the contrary, the media again reported Mr. DeWitt was a repeated rapist. Mr. DeWitt eventually turned himself in and believes that, had he been discovered before doing so, would probably have been shot by police. Mr. DeWitt believes this could have been part of the plan to stop all further assertions against Prosecutor Egan and others.

Mr. DeWitt wrote to Chief Justice Weisberger presenting his documentation. Chief Justice Weisberger appointed Mr. DeWitt an attorney and eventually all the charges were dropped, including charges of escape from the ACI. A probation violation regarding a later dismissed charge landed Mr. DeWitt back in prison. Mr. DeWitt also asserts that he also found out that there was a woman who was a double amputee that was raped and killed by a man named Jeffery Washington.

Caught also received a copy of a lawsuit [Case #NC98-0196] filed on behalf of Mr. DeWitt by Atty. Bruce Gladstein of Pawt, RI. The lawsuit is against Outlet Broadcasting, Inc., Freedom WLNE 6 and Clear Channel Communications, Inc. regarding the erroneous broadcasts mentioned in this complaint.

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