Injustice Experienced By Ernest LeBeau In Rhode Island
Injustice Experienced By Ernest LeBeau In Rhode Island

Ernest LeBeau Asserts Robbery, Abuse And Disrespect By Those In Authority

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On 2-7-98 Ernest LeBeau was picked up by the West Warwick police after being stopped walking home at night. He was taken to the ACI and locked up for the weekend because the public defender had failed to remove warrants from charges dating back to 1996.

Mr. LeBeau alleges approximately $30 was taken from his wallet by the West Warwick police prior to Mr. LeBeau being taken to the ACI. note:We have received 2 direct complaints and one indirect complaint (1998-2000) in addition to Mr. LeBeau's alleging the West Warwick police stopped Citizens walking at night, requested identification and emptied wallets of cash in the process. The Citizen is handed back his wallet and told to move on.Every report has been involving Citizens who have been drinking and walking home from a local pub.Affected Citizens have expressed fear to act because they live in and walk the streets of West Warwick.

Mr. LeBeau had not only served his time, but had completed twice the amount of counseling required. Mr. LeBeau also experienced the ACI's forced injection ritual and repeated strip searches.

Mr. LeBeau, understandably irate over the incorrect outstanding warrant, received a beating in a side room from ACI guards to "show him who was boss." The manner of this beating made clear the routine nature of the beating with every officer knowing their place and their role in the beating. Mr. LeBeau received injuries to his ribs from kicks inflicted while he was on the floor. note:part of the admissions procedure at the ACI at that time was to tell you that you were about to be injected. If you refused, looked apprehensive or simply asked what the injection was for, ACI staff immediately pounced on you and took pleasure in doing so.

Mr. Lebeau came before the Court the following Monday. Despite the Court's knowledge of Mr. LeBeau's civil rights violation, Mr. LeBeau was forced to wait with the court calling his case last so the courtroom would be empty. Mr. LeBeau was released with an apology from Judge Michael Higgins.


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