Injustice Experienced By Thomas Livermore In Rhode Island
Injustice Experienced By Thomas Livermore In Rhode Island

Thomas Livermore experienced a Litany Of Injustice In Rhode Island

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State v Livermore, Metropolitan Ins. v Livermore, LaRocque v Livermore and the
ACI's Forced Injection Ritual

Case: State v Livermore

1. Several years ago Mr. Livermore was involved in litigation involving Coventry police Officer Hennessy and an investigator for the Attorney General's office Stephen G. Dambruch. The case turned into a professional embarrassment for both these men. They had vowed revenge against Mr. Livermore at the time.

2. Two years ago, Mr. Livermore experienced a search of his home executed by Mr. Dambruch. During the search Mr. Dambruch from the Attorney General's office kept taunting Mr. Livermore, saying, "Remember me?" and bringing up the incident mentioned in par. 1 until Mr. Livermore recognized Mr. Dambruch. The search warrant was executed illegally. The search warrant was for papers only yet the police confiscated 2 motorcycles. Mr. Livermore was arrested shortly after and charged with 2 counts of manslaughter. At the Coventry Police headquarters, Coventry police Officer Hennessy found it necessary to be outside the station to greet Mr. Livermore laughing and taunting him saying, "Tell me Mr. Livermore, are you surprised?"

3. The charges against Mr. Livermore result from indictments regarding the death of a minor, Jesse LaRocque, who died in a high speed accident driving a motorcycle taken from Mr. Livermore's home. The indictments alleged Mr. Livermore was illegally renting motorcycles and had rented the motorcycle to minor Jesse LaRocque. Mr. Livermore has asserted innocence from the start and asserts the motorcycle was taken by Jesse LaRocque without Mr. Livermore's knowledge or permission.

4. Susan LaRocque and Gary Hart, mother and uncle of Jesse LaRocque openly and willingly confessed to the Coventry Police verbally, in writing and in Grand Jury hearings they saw Jesse LaRocque with the motorcycle and took no action despite their knowledge the motorcycle didn't belong to Jesse LaRocque. In fact Susan Larocque went so far as to give her minor son, Jesse LaRocque, permission to ride the motorcycle despite her knowledge the motorcycle was illegally obtained and was being illegally driven. Both Susan LaRocque and Gary Hart heard Jesse LaRocque drive off on the motorcycle and took no action. Jesse LaRocque drove off and was dead minutes after leaving his home. Susan LaRocque and Gary Hart took no action regarding Jesse LaRocque's illegal possession of a motorcycle despite having several hours to do so. The Coventry Police and the Attorney General's office completely ignored and took no action on the admitted criminal negligence of Susan LaRocque and Gary Hart, mother and uncle of the deceased, and saw fit to charge Mr. Livermore with two counts of manslaughter based on allegations from Susan LaRocque and the equivalent of a neighborhood gang. Susan LaRocque and Gary Hart were allowed to return home with other minor children in their home and/or under their supervision despite their openly admitted criminal negligence which resulted in the death of minor Jesse LaRocque.

5. Due to poverty, Mr. Livermore had to spend several days in jail trying to arrange bail and experienced the ACI's famous test of submission via the "forced injection ritual." Also Mr. Livermore has Grand Jury transcripts proving the Attorney General's office deliberately and willfully tampered with the Grand Jury by orchestrating perjured testimony to obtain indictments. With assistance from the Attorney General's office Mr. Denton, a witness for the State, falsely testified his signature was on documents when there was no signature present. The purpose of this orchestrated perjury was to convince the Grand Jury Mr. Livermore was renting motorcycles since the State had no evidence Mr. Livermore rented the motorcycle to Jesse LaRocque.

6. Despite the admitted criminal negligence of Susan LaRocque which resulted in the death of her son Jesse LaRocque her attorney, Timothy Dodd, arranged for a fifty thousand dollar ($50,000.) settlement for Susan LaRocque from Metropolitan Life and Casualty using the threat of a wrongful death suit. Note: see a 1999 issue related ruling involving Commercial Union, Richard and Esther Dumas and the estate of Bonnie Lynn.

7. In the criminal matter, Mr. Livermore is being represented by the public defender's office. Mr. Livermore is also being sued by Susan LaRocque for wrongful death and by Metropolitan Life and Casualty for monetary damages. Due to poverty, Mr. Livermore is forced to represent himself in both civil matters.

8. In a hearing with Judge Clifton, Mr. Livermore attempted to get the negligence of the Attorney General's office and the Coventry police addressed. Mr. Livermore was flatly denied and the hearing was clearly biased. The RI Commission On Judicial Tenure and Discipline sees no wrong with ignoring of abuse of prosecutorial discretion or negligence. See complaint and response.

9. In hearings with Judge Silverstein, Mr. Livermore attempted to get the negligence of the Attorney General's office and Coventry police addressed and Judge Silverstein said, "I don't know if I can do anything about that. You probably should take that upstairs (RI Supreme Court)."

10. The Attorney General and Coventry police fight Mr. Livermore all the way to the RI Supreme Court at taxpayer's expense rather than correct negligence and error in their departments. The RI Supreme Court's unpublished ruling rubber stamped negligence of the Attorney General and Coventry Police allowing the matter to remain uncorrected. The RI Commission On Judicial Tenure and Discipline sees no wrong either. See the Robinson Complaint for another example of "selective enforcement" by police.

Note: After almost 5 years of hell, the State threw out all charges against Mr. Livermore. Congratulations to the Public Defender's office for this ruling.

Case: Metropolitan Life v Livermore

Case Number: K97-318. Att. Lynda Laing represented Metropolitan Prop. & Liab. Ins. in an action against Mr. Livermore. Mr. Livermore served written interrogatories to Metropolitan on 5-8-97 and both Att. Laing and Metropolitan refused to answer or respond to repeated requests for an answer. On or about 7-21-97, Mr. Livermore filed a motion to compel and a motion for sanctions. In a highly unusual ruling for RI courts, Mr. Livermore's motion was granted and Metropolitan answered the interrogatories.

Case LaRocque v Livermore

On 1-12-98 Mr. Livermore had a motion scheduled for a stay on these proceedings pending the criminal matter of State v Livermore. Despite the motion being timely filed and served, it mysteriously wasn't on the calendar and Att. Dodd didn't respond or show. After Mr. Livermore inquired, someone in the clerk's office tipped off Att. Dodd who called Judge Hurst. In an Ex parte conversation Judge Hurst and Att. Dodd decided the matter would be continued. Judge Hurst attempted to get Mr. Livermore to agree to a continuance when the case was called [using the wrong names]. When Mr. Livermore objected, Judge Hurst became irritated and ordered the continuance acknowledging she had already excused Att. Dodd from attending.

The Forced Injection Ritual At The Adult Correctional Institute

During admission to the ACI, even if going to court the following day, they take you into a room and commence taking blood and giving an injection. If you object the following will occur:
1. You will be told to "shut the fu*k up," held down, and forcefully injected which is what happened to Mr. Livermore and/or
2. They will place a form in front of you to sign stating you are agreeing to this "voluntary" procedure. If you refuse to sign it, they will order you to sign it. If you refuse you are tackled by guards stripped and placed into a seclusion room where, usually, you will stay until you agree to this "voluntary" procedure. There are many reports that most times these seclusion rooms are either too cold or too hot. During this "test of submission" you are usually roughed up and sometimes beaten by Guards who many times appear to enjoy what they are doing. The ACI has routinely used this procedure to show those coming in "who the boss is." The ACI continues to ignore complaints on this matter despite the violation of Constitutional rights. For another example of the ACI's forced injection ritual see Sal Mattera.


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