This site has existed for over 20 years. Many of the complaints involve people that have died or have moved past their injustice. To be blunt, this site has, in many ways, become dated given the age of many of the complaints. Given the massive size of the site a comprehensive rework is impossible given our resources. So, beginning in 2018 all older complaints can only be found by searching on this site directly. Listings will be removed from search engines but can be found by searching on this site. We realize this will hurt our search engine rankings but this site is long overdue for a change. We are still deciding how to handle the massive number of older files accumulated over the years and perhaps will offer them in .zip format.

Also, the complaints over the years have become repetitive examples of lawyer, prosecutorial and judicial misconduct. This website will now selectively focus on cases that comprehensively show the injustice and machinations so common in our legal system.

Be assured, this site will remain a tremendous resource for those wanting to educate themselves on our legal system and expose the injustices that too often occur. The only difference will be the old complaints will no longer be listed in search engines but, until a decision is made, will still be available by searching for them directly on this site or by clicking links in the older misconduct directory below.

Legal Misconduct Information
2018 Misconduct Directory

Legal Misconduct Information
Older Misconduct Directory

Complaints on the following pages will now be removed from search engines. Be advised many are old and/or outdated:


Many times the reason or purpose for events in our life initially escapes us,
but I am certain we can find reason and/or purpose in everything that happens!

It takes a short time to learn to exercise power, but a lifetime to learn how to avoid abusing it.

We are no longer a country of laws, we are a country where laws are "creatively interpreted."

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