Injustice Experienced By Rolando Goris In Rhode Island
Injustice Experienced By Rolando Goris In Rhode Island

Rolando Goris' Serious Assertions Appear Validated By Various Factors publishes complaints from Citizens asserting they experienced injustice. We are not an investigative agency.

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Complaint One

8-3-99. Case P2/95-I8I4AG State v. Rolando Goris. Mr. Goris was originally charged with:

  • Possession of a firearm while in possession of a controlled substance
  • Delivery of a controlled substance
  • Conspiracy to violate the Controlled Substances Act
  • Carrying a firearm during the commission of a crime of violence and
  • Carrying a pistol without a license

Mr. Goris asserts he was set up by crooked cops who had a vendetta against him. What happened the first day of trial gives credence to Mr. Goris' assertion. On the first day of trial, the state filed a dismissal of all counts but the last pursuant to RI Rule Crim.Pro. 48(a). A jury trial proceeded on a single count of carrying a pistol without a license. Judge Krause presided. Mr. Goris was convicted in 1995 and a motion for a new trial was denied on 11-1-95. On 1-10-96, Judge Krause sentenced Mr. Goris to ten years with 14 months to serve and with eight years and ten months suspended and probation. Mr. Goris asserts the following wrongdoing occurred in his case:

  • Irrelevant evidence trying to prove Mr. Goris' bad character should not have been received into evidence. Judge Krause abused his discretion by allowing the prosecution to ask Mr. Goris' ex-girlfriend whether Mr. Goris contributes to the support of their young child.
  • A police officer without expert qualifications should not have been allowed to testify as an expert witness. Judge Krause allowed a Sgt. Kennedy to testify as a fingerprint expert without Sgt. Kennedy ever being qualified as an expert in fingerprint examination.
  • Mr. Goris' motion for a new trial should have been granted. Judge Krause lacked objectivity and misconceived and overlooked material evidence during the trial such as the "scripted flavor" of the police testimony.

UPDATE: Mr. Goris also asserts his attorney Robert DiPippo was guilty of attorney misconduct and legal malpractice, was working with the police and was involved with drug traffic. Caught received a supporting sworn affidavit from Citizen Donald Keets in support of Mr. Goris' assertions.

Atty. DiPippo has been disciplined by the RI Supreme Court Disciplinary Council regarding matters apparently unrelated to this complaint.


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